Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Tree Ribbon Ornaments

Two posts within days of each other! That's what long weekends full of holiday spirit do to me... I probably won't make a habit out of this.

Anyway, today's project was far easier (read: quicker) than the tie project. Originally I pinned this project on my 'Christmas Things to Try' board on Pinterest from but when I went back to make the ornaments, the link (nor a search) yielded any results. To make simple Christmas Trees that you can hang on your tree or really anywhere to decorate, follow these instructions!

Cut your ribbon to a 24" length. I scoured the dollar store (are you seeing a shopping theme yet?) for the colors I wanted and ended up with 1" width rolls of grosgrain and shear. This example uses grosgrain, but I've used shear ribbon equally well (see the green tree in the finished product picture).

Next I threaded a needle (I don't think the type of thread or color matters but it easier to use a color and something thicker), threaded a bead and tied a square knot around it. Then I cut off about 15" of the thread from the spool.

Insert the needle through the center of the ribbon (width wise) about 2" from one end and thread another bead.

Fold the ribbon back on itself, making the fold at a little shorter than 2" from the bead and insert the needle through the part of the ribbon that lands at the top hole of the bead. Continue folding the ribbon back on itself a little shorter each time and alternating with beads.

After four folds on either side, end by threading one last bead on the top. Immediately insert the needle from the ribbon side of the bead back through to the top again.

After leaving an appropriate sized loop for the hanger, tie off the thread in a square knot under the bead (between the top bead and the ribbon).

Almost done! The last step is to use a match or lighter to melt the cut edges of the ribbon (no matter whether you use shear or grosgrain) so that they won't fray.

That's it! Now mass produce to your heart's content... also great for homemade gifts.

Here is the original from

Hope you have lots of fun making these!

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